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Improve your book searching interface.

The interface often does not include the book I want. It is very slow, and it will not let me select certain books.

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    Hilary shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    completed  ·  AdminRiffle (Riffle Support, Riffle) responded  · 

    Hello, We have made some tweaks to our search algorithm. Please visit read.rifflebooks.com and search for your titles. If you are still unable to find a book, please email us with the title and ISBN. Thank you for your patience as we continue to improve this feature. Best, Marquina and Riffle Support


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      • Ryan commented  · 

        Just a note on a few specific books that I could not find after using various queries, hopefully helpful:
        Overtime by Charles Stross
        Forever Odd (Odd Thomas) by Dean Koontz
        Moving Mars by Greg Bear
        Transition by Iain M. Banks

      • Ryan commented  · 

        Left a comment on May 5. I see some improvement but not nearly enough.

        There are a number of issues with the site. None of them are dealbreakers. I really don't care that much about minor glitches and bollixed editions, I understand. This issue, however, nearly defeats the entire purpose of the site. Far and away the biggest thing you should be working on right now, all day, every day, until it's fixed. I don't know why I'm still here honestly unless it's because Goodreads is so very very bad.

        Here, I hope this will shame you guys into some more effective action: Google searches your site better than you do. I couldn't find "Spook Country" in the Riffle search just now. I googled
        "Spook Country" site:rifflebooks.com
        and found the page, no fuss no muss.

      • Lynn :O) commented  · 

        I don't understand why there can be a series of 6 books but only 4 show up here. Is there a way to add a book from an outside source?

      • Delee Lafave commented  · 

        I can't even get into Riffle to sign up..so that may be a little bit of a glitch you may want to work out. I will stick to Goodreads until you figure this out.

      • Judy-Ree commented  · 

        I just entered 5 books in a row that weren't to be found in the listing. How exactly am I supposed to make comprehensive lists if the books for those lists aren't available in this system? Looks like you have a LOT more bugs to work out before this is ready for everyone to use.

        There should at least be a way to manually enter the information until the system gets caught up. What a shame, Riffle might have been a contender.

      • scknitter commented  · 

        There is no rhyme nor reason to how the search works. I can enter a title and find it. Later if I enter the author of the title I previously found nothing shows up. I have entered an entire title and get things that have nothing in common in the title. If I backspace one letter the correct title may or may not show up. I typed in Faces of The Gone and The Great Gatsby came up in the search as did The Orpahnmaster's son????

        If the search is not fixed and fixed quickly everyone that is discovering the site will be totally turned off and will never return.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Greg, that's nifty but there should always, ALWAYS be a way to find a book just by title and/or author alone. This really detracts from the usefulness of this site. I can't use it if this basic element is lacking.

      • Greg Fisher commented  · 

        I agree that the book searching interface needs improvement but I've also found out that many people don't realize that you can search by title, by author and by ISBN.

        I often grab the ISBN off the book I've read or from Amazon (If the ISBN has dashes or spaces, take them out and run those numbers together).

        Another trick that sometimes works is to hit the space bar once after the author, title or ISBN. I've even found a few books by tapping the backspace key and erasing the title slowly.

        However, old books that are out of print and books printed only as mass market paperback remain frustratingly unavailable.

      • Ryan commented  · 

        having book search thus broken seems to defeat the entire purpose of having a book listing/browsing site. If fixing this is not your top priority right now, it should be. Sorry to be a whiner. I want to like and use Riffle but having this be part of my first impression is not encouraging.

      • Terrell commented  · 

        Books that have very common words in the title often don't show up in the very short selection list that appears. It would be useful if actually clicking in the search box would take you too a page that displays more of the list. For instance, I was trying to find Robert Olin Butler's A Small Hotel. They words "small" and "hotel" bring up books about running a hotel. Typing in Robert Olin Butler on brought up two of his titles. This is a fairly recent book and should show up in any database of books in print that you are using.

      • Heather Elia commented  · 

        You need a way for readers to search by ISBN (for in-print books at least) so we can select a particular edition.

      • Donna commented  · 

        I'm having a lot of trouble with the search function. First, it doesn't seem to be displaying many ebooks. A lot of books I search for don't come up and I get a "not found" message. Second, sometimes when I search and options come up, they then disappear before I can click on any of them. This has happened a lot. And even classics don't have too many options. For example, when I searched for A Wrinkle in Time, I got the graphic novel version, a compilation of the first three books in the series, and some unrelated books.

      • Erin commented  · 

        Agreed! It won't find the first book in a series only all the later books that incorporate the original title's name? Also I recommended a version of a book that I did not intend and now cannot seem to change it.

      • Amanda Straneire commented  · 

        It's frustrating to search for a book that I know is on there (ie: The Da Vinci Code), but it's only displaying foreign language versions or not the right book at all. For instance, a search for "Devotion of Suspect X" and "Fresh Kills" did not produce either book in the results, but I've seen other people have them in lists. Also, to be able to search by author.

      • India Drummond commented  · 

        I agree with this and with the comments. It's miserable searching for a book. Often nothing comes up. I was having to enter a title, then go play around on FB for a while so it could load, and half the time nothing loaded. If I wanted to add a series or another book by the same author, often the right book didn't even come up, and I couldn't click on the author's name to just see a list of their books. Too often, nothing showed up at all. I gave up after a while because I don't have all day to add books. It should be easy, not a chore. I can't see myself using this site as long as something so basic is difficult and clunky.

      • KyleN commented  · 

        I agree, I would also like to mention that during the setup the book search interface made the whole experience miserable for me. The search is so slow that at first when I tried to select the book that I was reading it wouldn't find anything and took me multiple tries. On the next section when selecting books that I would recommend, the search was so slow that I accidentally selected the wrong book which then could not be removed. Too much on the site appears to be designed for aesthetic reasons and ends up functioning very poorly.

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