How to Create a Book List

Creating lists is what Riffle is all about!

To create a new list on Riffle, take the following steps:

1. Login to, hover over your profile image on the top bar and select 'Your Lists' from the dropdown menu
2. Click the 'Create A List' button
3. Add a Headline, Summary and List Description
4. Decide between creating a Grid List (no book notes) or a Slideshow List (with book notes)
5. Add books to your list by typing the name, author or ISBN in the 'Books' space and selecting the title.
6. Select Categories (3 max) for your Book List
7. Credit the Source for your list, if there is one.
8. Hit Publish! to add your list to Riffle.
Note: If you are not done or want to save your list for later, click 'SAVE AS DRAFT'.

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