Indicate that you 'Want to Read', 'Have Read' or 'Recommend' a book

Create book lists to help you manage what you read, and recommend books to others.

1. From EITHER
2. Search for a Book using the 'Find Books' search at the top center of the page
3. Click on any book image to get to a Book Profile Page
The Book Profile Page looks something link this:
4. Under the Book Title and Author Name, you will see 4 grey icons:
asterisk (want to read), book (currently reading), check (have read), and heart (recommend)  - and 5 grey stars (for you to rate the book).
As you hover your cursor over the icons you will see the following:
- The asterisk icon indicates 'Want to Read'.
- The book
icon indicates 'Reading Now'.
- The check icon indicates 'Have Read'.
- The
heart icon indicates 'Recommend'.
Once you select an icon it will turn red.
5. To un-do an action (for example, if you accidentally click 'Want to Read') simply click on the relevant red icon.
6. You can also RATE the book by selecting a 1-5 stars.

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